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Waxing Services-Hair Removal

Using the highest quality of wax. Gentle hard wax for those sensitive area's!

Brows                          $18.00 

Brow Shaping            $20.00                                                          Includes waxing, tweeze and trim.

Full Brow Service      $40.00                                                        Includes wax, tweeze, tint and trim.

Lip                               $10.00 & up

Chin                            $10.00 & up

Full Face                     $35.00 & up

Underarm                   $20.00 & up

Arm 1/2                       $30.00 & up

Happy Trail                $15.00 & up

Nipples                        $15.00 and up

Back                            $45.00 & up

Chest                           $45.00 & up

Shoulders                    $25.00 & up

Bikini                           $30.00 & up (for women)

Extended Bikini          $40.00 & up (for women)

Brazilian                      $45.00 & up (for women)

Buttocks                       $15.00 & up (for women)

Backwards Bikini        $30.00 & up (for women)                                     Everything on and between the cheeks. 

Lower Leg                    $30.00 & up

Upper Leg                    $35.00 & up

Toes                               $10.00 &up

Wax prices are correlate directly to hair density. Waxing will not be done on clients using accutane. 

Wax specials

Full Brow Service $108.00
Includes a total of 3 months of monthly wax, trim, tint and tweeze.

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