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Renewing Treatments Peel - Micro

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Microdermabrasion Scrub $45.00

This special treatment is a gentle peeling of the surface layer of the epidermis. This treatment speeds up collagen production, encourages deeper penetration of products, helps to reduce scars, pigmentation and fine lines. This can give the same results as the microdermabrasion machine without the high cost. Recommended as a series treatment. Your skin will be visibly brighter and smoother! Consider a series: the more treatments done, the better the results.

Series of 4 $162.00  Series of 8 $315.00

Glycolic Acid Rejuvination $50.00

Recommended as a series treatment only for current glycolic users. This treatment will help with fine lines, age spots, and scarring. This will improve your skins condition dramatically!

Series of 4 $180.00  Series of 8 $350.00

Herbal Enzyme Peel $30.00

This natural herbal enzyme peel will lighten, brighten and exfoliate your skin, while refreshing and rejuvenating your skin