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Acne & Rosacea Boot Camp ~ Skin Clearing Program

More than 60 million American men and women suffer from some form of acne breakouts on the face or back. Acne problem skin affects more than 80% of all teenagers at some time in their lives, and clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads, comprise more than 25% of all visits to the dermatologist office only getting acne medications like Accutane/Isotretinoin prescription treatment (which does more harm than good) but what they really need is a Acne Facial Treatment, with extractions, facial, proper acne skincare products, and the right nutrition. Some people see acne as just a teen’s issue.  But for many, acne persists well into their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and beyond. Rosacea is now estimated to affect at least 16 Million Americans. No one likes living with acne or rosacea but so many people struggle with them both. They affect everyone from the young teenagers to adults in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, some well into their 70's.  Acne, pimples, pustules, and red blemishes can result in a great deal of self-consciousness, distress and become a daily emotional struggle. It affects confidence, self-image, and social interactions.  Often, low self-esteem and embarrassment from teen acne, adult acne, and rosacea can lead to a diminished or a limited social life, an introverted approached to everyday situations, and even depression. They just want clear skin and to be acne free.

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Acne Myths Acne is not from dirty skin. Chocolate does not cause acne. Acne is not just a teenage problem, and you don’t just grow out of it.

In order to begin treating and clearing your acne, you must first understand what acne is. Acne is an inherited inflammatory disorder of the pores. The pores in acne skin quickly become impacted with dead skin cells quicker than the body can clear them. Healthy pores typically shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore. Acne-prone pores shed up to five layers of dead skin cells inside the pore per day. The technical term for the rapid shedding of skin cells before the pore can expel them is "retention hyperkeratosis." These rapidly shedding dead skin cells mix with your skin's natural sebum (oil) creating a plug called a "microcomedone" - the beginning of all acne. Microcomedones can take up to 90 days to surface. Once surfaced, they turn into blackheads and congestion under the skin, or into inflamed pimples, pustules or cysts. Blockages that lead to microcomedones create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Your sebum acts as a nutrient for this bacteria, allowing it to continually grow. It is important to understand that while bacteria may be present in your acne lesions, it is a side effect of the disease, not the cause of it. Because it is formed below the surface of the skin, acne cannot simply be washed away. Clinical-strength products specifically designed to penetrate the pore, exfoliate dead skin cells, and kill the acne bacteria are necessary to clear acne. While acne cannot be cured, it can be controlled. Almost all acne products on the market usually contain pore-clogging ingredients and yes even the “natural” ones are also some of the worst for us who are prone to acne. Some of the products that your doctor gives you can have pore-clogging ingredients and even their harmful medications can cause you to have acne. I don’t know if this is done on purpose or it is lack of knowledge or just pure laziness. Sometimes products may be too strong, or not strong enough, or irritating or just not working. Acne can take up to 90 days to form and come to the surface, so it will take about 90 days for your skin to start to heal. Patience, consistency, and patience are very important in this process.

There is currently no cure for acne. However, acne can be controlled and managed with a proper skincare routine. A well-rounded regimen will include topical products with the proper percentage of active ingredients to help you treat and prevent acne lesions, as well as helpful nutrients and antioxidants to maintain a healthy acid mantle for your skin during the clearing process. Finding ways to manage stress and a healthy diet and exercise will not only help your skin but is also really good for your overall health.

There are several different types of acne, each requiring different treatment approaches. My acne treatment program and products are specially developed to quickly and safely treat your specific type of acne. Products used at Skin Reflections contain the highest concentrations of active ingredients available, with organic ingredients, without pore clogging ingredients. These products were created for a personalized acne regimen with a balanced approach that’s not overly harsh.

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About my Acne & Rosacea ~ Boot Camp ~ 

Skin Clearing Program

In order to beat the war on acne, you need someone who has experience and knowledge in treating acne. As someone who herself has struggled with acne, I understand. The good news is I can help you to have clearer skin! I will be here and be your coach, to help you through the whole process. My program has over a 90% success rate at clearing even the most stubborn acne. You are given all the tips and tricks, and have me through phone, text, email, and in-person help and guidance from me each step of the way.

My spa treatments are customized to treat your specific skin condition at each visit. Each acne treatment may vary based on what your skin needs at the time of service. Sometimes your skin will need extractions, sometimes increased hydration, and other times a deeper exfoliation is needed or high frequency may be necessary to facilitate in the clearing of acne, rosacea, and dark spots, as you go through the process of achieving clear skin on your face and/or body, Your acne treatment will include either extractions, an enzyme peel, or a calming and hydrating treatment. Your skin will need different things at different stages. Sometimes we will need to perform a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or Led light at additional cost. However, in-spa treatment alone will not solve your acne problem. You also need an effective home regimen and expert guidance from a Certified Acne Specialist to get and stay clear. The continued use of your product regimen, with adjusting the product or changing it when needed and corrective professional treatments will help to control your acne until you have clear skin. You will come in for an Acne Treatment every week or two in the beginning, and then slowly the appointments will get spread out until you are just coming in for maintenance once a month. This can take 3 ~ 6 months to get you clear. 

The most important aspect of my program is not just starting you with the right products, but I teach you how to use them. It won’t be enough just to have the right products – it’s all about having the right routine for those products, the right diet and lifestyle.

Getting Started

To get started with my acne program today, call or text to schedule a New Acne Client Appointment & Consultation at 650-355-1463. During this extensive consultation, we will discuss what acne is and how to help you achieve clear skin. We will go over lifestyle changes, home care, diet, and daily activities. I will determine what type of acne you have and the best course of treatment. This appointment will include a full consultation and an acne facial treatment. From there, I will design a treatment plan and product regimen based on your skin’s specific needs. I will need to monitor your progress and make changes to your home-care products as needed. You will have before and after pictures taken for our records (this is to follow your progress).

My acne program will have your acne under control in 3~6 months (sometimes within a couple of weeks you will start seeing big improvements) as long as you are following and adapting to the valuable information I give you, using the home care regimen that I customize for you, and coming in for weekly/biweekly treatments in the beginning. Commitment to following my program, home care, and adapting to lifestyle guidelines is super important and you must be willing to make that commitment for at least 3 months. Once I have cleared your acne, you will need to go on a maintenance program every 4-6 weeks and continue with your home care as prescribed. If there is any pigmentation or scaring, then we can work on it at that time.

After you schedule your first appointment please fill out my online comprehensive Acne & Rosacea intake form.

You must be off Accutane/Isotretinoin medication for at least 60 days along with antibiotics, and/or any and all topical medications. These drugs can cause hypersensitivity and aggravate the skin and cause your body so much harm.

I also offer a Long Distance Acne Boot Camp ~ Skin Clearing Program, and is perfect for you if you do not live close to my spa. This will consist of everything in my Acne & Rosacea Treatment Facial but no in spa treatments. Although I get faster results when I can actually see and treat my clients in person, I have success with long distance clients and can get you clear if you comply with my recommendations and follow my program. I treat clients from anywhere in the United States to get their skin clear. Everything will be done over the phone, text, and email. This has also been a wonderful way for my acne clients to get clear and stay clear, that have had to move away to college). Please see below to see how it works.


 Teen Acne Scholarship Program

I am excited to announce that I will be awarding one lucky student with a Teen Acne Scholarship Program each month.

Have a teen at home or know a teen who is struggling with acne and self-esteem? Being a teenager is hard enough without having to also worry about acne skin. If you are struggling with acne and need some help, this may be the program for you! Acne usually causes inflamed and non-inflamed acne lesions which can be painful and harbor bacteria. If left untreated, these lesions can get bigger and spread causing scars and hyperpigmentation. Besides the obvious physical influence on appearance, acne can affect us emotionally as well causing low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, isolation and a decreased quality of life. It can make us self-conscious and feel unattractive, and insecure. Acne obviously affects their skin, but it can affect their self-esteem even more! I love helping and seeing teens develop more confidence as their skin clears!

As a corrective skincare and acne treatment clinic in the coastal bay area of Pacifica, CA, Skin Reflections Acne Clinic & Day Spa, is happy to offer a monthly scholarship program to help a deserving teen alleviate the signs of acne. I believe in the power of paying it forward, and that includes helping teens with their acne and their self-esteem. I will select 1 teen each month. You will receive a free in-clinic first Acne Treatment & consult (which includes all the education you will need to get your acne under control) along with a full-size set of home care products customized for your skin and acne type for free! Your appointment will include education and tips for improved results. Follow-up through text and email will help you through the clearing process.


  • Teenager 13-18
  • Live in California
  • Be in High School, Middle School (Homeschooling is accepted)
  • Be able to come in for at least 1 treatment
  • Be willing to do home care routine twice a day and be consistent 
  • Be willing to change lifestyle food choices and follow my acne program
  • Be willing to share a review and or social media post (I do appreciate social media shout-outs and reviews)
  • A parent must consent and attend the treatment session
  • Be willing and able to purchase product refills before running out to help keep your skin clear

To apply for the Teen Acne Scholarship Program, simply email me at with:

  • Your full name
  • Parents full name
  • Address and phone number
  • Name of your school with your expected High School graduation date and current GPA
  • A description to why you deserve this scholarship
  • A description of your struggle with acne
  • A description of how winning this scholarship will affect you
  • Include in the email at least 3 current pictures (include the front and each side of your face)

Acne & Rosacea Facial Treatment $90.00

a person ready to get a facial treatment
Series of 4 $324.00  Series of 8 $630.00           

For teens and adults! Designed to remove impurities, improve the condition of your skin and help to keep acne under control through Deep Pore Cleansing (extractions), enzyme peels, high frequency and nutritional education. The number of recommended treatments along with a personally designed home care regime and diet plan will be discussed for your individual needs. Recommended as a series treatment for best results, to help get your acne under control and keep it that way for clear skin!

New Client ~ Acne Treatment and Consult $165.00 (or if you haven't been seen by me within 2 months). If you purchase one of the series from above, then the consultation will be waived. 

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and LED Light Therapy can be added on to your service.


Acne & Rosacea

Long Distance Boot Camp Program

This will consist of everything in my Acne & Rosacea Treatment Facial but no in spa treatments. Although I get faster results when I can actually see and treat my clients in person, I have success with long distance clients and can get you clear if you comply with my recommendations and follow my program. I treat clients from anywhere in the United States to get their skin clear. Everything will be done over the phone, text, and email. This has also been a wonderful way for my acne clients to get clear and stay clear, that have had to move away to college). Here’s how it works:

You order the Long Distance~New Client Acne Consult & Product Starter Package (2 month product supply but varies from person to person) $260 (plus Free shipping). Then you will fill out my online questionnaire with requested pictures (Please answer the questions thoroughly and completely, as this provides a better understanding of your general health, lifestyle and skincare concerns; thereby enabling the best home care recommendations from me).  

Once you have reported the results, I will utilize the information from your questionnaire, photos, and consult to design a home care regimen for you. I do require that you use my products exclusively while working with me. I will ship you the products and make a phone or email appointment time with you, for a time after you receive your products.  On appointment day, we will go over all the information on how and when to use your products. You will now be on your way to clear skin!

You will check in every week or 2 weeks (per my recommendations) via email/phone consult to get your program changes. Don't forget to email me photos of your skin before your appointments. Each follow-up consult will be $50, a Series of 4 $180.00 or a Series of 8 $350.00 You will order new products from my online store (before you run out of products or per my recommendations, as some products may change). Please don't wait until you are out of products because they are helping to keep your pores clear and you acne free. 

Follow my directions carefully and feel free to text me for any questions you might have. Fifty questions beat's fifty mistakes. I am your coach the whole way through.

Get Clear Skin Today! Purchase your starter package here: 

After you purchase your starter package and products, please fill out my online comprehensive Acne & Rosacea intake form.  


Back Acne Treatment $90.00

A great treatment for those who are prone to problem skin on their backs. Exfoliation, steam and extractions are done to help correct the appearance of this hard to reach and often neglected area. The number of recommended treatments along with a personally designed home care regime and diet plan will be discussed for your individual needs. Recommended as a series treatment for best results, to help get your acne under control and keep it that way for clear skin! New Client ~ Acne Treatment and Consult $165.00 (or if you haven't been seen by me within 2 months). If you purchase a series from above, then the consultation will be waived. 

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and LED Light Therapy can be added on to your service.


This intense grade resurfacing treatment offers many benefits to all skin types. Through the use of gentle abrasive diamond head crystals, it reduces scaring, helps during acne treatments ~treats anti aging ~reduces fine lines ~ and wrinkles. Reduces hyper pigmentation ~sun damage~ smooths bumpy skin ~ and minimizes pores. This highly recommended microdermabrasion method gently removes the upper layer of dead skin cells, encouraging healthy cell rejuvenation with no downtime. Your skin will feel softer than you have ever thought possible. For best results it is recommended you get a series of treatments. Can be customized for other body areas.

Face & Neck $100.00 - Series of 4 $360.00 Series of 8 $700.00

Back $150.00 - Series of 4 $540.00   Series of 8 $1050.00

Elbows $75.00 - Series of 4 $270.00   Series of 8 $525.00

Hands  $80.00 - Series of 4 $306.00   Series of 8 $595.00

Knee's $80.00 - Series of 4 $306.00 Series of 8 $595.00

Chest $85.00 - Series of 4 $288.00   Series of 8 $560.00


LED Light Therapy $50.00

LED lights are small specialized lights able to emit as much power as a full size light bulb. These lights are calibrated to emit a specific wavelength of light, seen as red, yellow, green, and blue. Each wavelength of light penetrates to various layers of the skin, thus stimulating different aspects of its function. I use a hand held LED and or a LED Synthesis panel with nearly 3000 individual lights for maximum and consistent coverage. It’s nothing short of amazing. The LED therapy utilizes only non-toxic serums or masks to be penetrated after the LED Light. I give the full face or body areas, different alternating color lengths of lights for different depths of skin, per your skins needs. Ideal for Age Management by ~ stimulating collagen production ~ for Acne & Rosacea skin types ~ killing bacteria & healing ~ for dry & sensitive skin ~ by Calming & Hydrating. Also helps ~ scarring ~ sun damage ~ pain management ~ wrinkle reduction ~ accelerated wound healing ~ dermal elasticity ~ pore improvement ~ and even mood. Not administered to clients with epilepsy.

Series of 4 $180.00       Series of 8 $350.00


Light Chemical Peel

Recommended as a series treatment. This treatment will help with fine lines ~ age spots ~ scarring ~ acne ~ breakouts ~ pigmentation ~ lighten dark areas ~ Minimize pore size ~ and remove extremely dry skin. This will improve your skins condition dramatically! Can be customized for other body areas.

Face & Neck $75.00 -Series of 4 $270.00  Series of 8 $525.00

Back  $100.00 - Series of 4 $360.00  Series of 8 $700.00

Elbows $60.00 - Series of 4 $216.00 Series of 8 $420.00

Knee's $70.00 - Series of 4 $252.00 Series of 8 $490.00

Chest $65.00 - Series of 4 $234.00 Series of 8 $455.00

Feet or Hands $85.00 - Series of 4 $306.00 Series of 8 $595.00


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