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How many times have you been intimidated by large commercial spa’s and wished there was a unique place where you could receive professional but private intimate services. Skin Reflections is a small an intimate spa that gives you all that! Located only one block from the beach & ocean with the most beautiful sunsets.


Skin Reflections spa is owned and operated by Penny Blackwell. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her experience as a licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist of 20 years. Penny offers a range of services from pampering and relaxing massages using deep tissue, Swedish, aromatherapy and Hot Stones. She also offers pampering facials: Acne facials, back acne treatments, Vitamin C facial, Collagen, European, men’s sport facial and her new Sea Escape Stone facial and foot massage. She also offers full body waxing, hair removal of brows, arch, lip, face, back, chest, bikini, Brazilian, legs, and all the way to your toe’s. Other services are Lash extensions, semi permanent mascara and spa packages. Servicing Pacifica, Ca, Daly City, South San Francisco.


Penny’s philosophy which has guided her towards owning a day spa is education of her clients and of herself. Her focus is on you. She believes beauty is a creation, an invention, and experience. Its achievement does not always depend upon inherited traits, features or expensive products but rather upon beauty practices and nutrition, that can be taught to every person. Her passion for her profession and her concern for her clients, commits her to providing a rare quality of care and service. She believes every person deserves to be pampered and have beautiful skin.

Let her help you on a journey to a relaxed, pampered and beautiful new you!

Please see her reviews!

Spa Gift Certificates are available and wrapped in a box with a beautiful bow!